Who’s Suing Whom In The Telecoms Trade?

I just came into this graph and I was speachless....



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Hadith Of The Day RSS Service


With this service you get Hadith Nabawy on daily basis using RSS feed, The hadiths are taken from randomly and it includes sanad and maten and also it links to the original hadith n the website.


History And Credits

This was a compination of ideas of some brothers including:

  1. Firas Kamal.
  2. Abdelmonam Kouka
  3. And me :)


This is the initial release and it has support to Arabic Hadith only, but a future plan is to have all languages available on supported.


How To Use It

  1. You can browse it online from 
    1. - The RSS Link
    2. my website - The RSS Link
  2. You Can use Mail clients Feed readers (i.e. outlook, evolution and thunderbird).
  3. You can have it on your desktop (using Yahoo desktop gadgets, Google Desktop, Screenlets, Apple Rss Reader ).
  4. You can have published on your blog or website dynamically.

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I am back with a new theme

Hello All!
It has been a while and I was very busy, I moved to new company and there were too littile time for anything to be done…

anyways I am back with a new theme for both the website and the blog it is really simple an relaxing :) .

Now hopefully in the near future I’ll get back to bloging and Open Source development… till thenI wish that you will all enjoy my new theme :) .

c ya!

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Virtual bombs against real bombs!!!

Any Person that still have the least Humane feelings will stand speechless in front the crimes every day done by The mercenaries of the so called “Israel”, now am one of the people that against going to the streets to shout and then go home to continue watching TV with out doing any real thing to help.

A friend of mine passed this E-Mail to me to help telling the truth about the criminals of “Israel” the country of terror.

Finally, here is an intelligent and useful e-mail chain. Please transfer this e-mail to as many people as you can;

Get involved, it only takes up to 10 seconds

If you have a website, a blog, an on-line shop or a forum, please participate in this Google bombing operation!

The point is for this page to appear in the first position on Google when typing in “israel”

In order to do so, insert a link towards this website in as many pages with the anchor text: israel.
Here is the code to insert in your pages:

<a href="/website/">israel</a>

Eventually, what you obtain should be: israel

• If you don’t have a website, you probably are a user of forum, youtube, dailymotion or leave comments on blogs: leave this link with your signature everywhere possible, but please do so without spamming as this would act against this website.

• If you don’t use websites and forum, transfer this e-mail to your contacts. Here is the example of e-mail,

• If you spot or know a website which would support this action, send an e-mail bearing this link. Here is an example of e-mail requesting for this link to appear.

We are looking for people able to translate this webpage in all possible languages: Arabic, Turkish, Chinese…

Join the Facebook group and invite all your contacts

Join Facebook for Israel Google washing

The success of such a method relies on the number of people taking part in it. This method worked in the past for pointless subjects, so let’s use it to support Palestine. This is a very serious challenge yet it is achievable. We can make it.

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Adha Mobarak


Wish all happy Eid and Adha Mobarak :-)

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